Brush Chipping

Brush Chipping

Brush chipping, also known as wood chipping, is of the one of the most difficult outdoor tasks that a homeowner can do on their own. The cost of the equipment and the skill needed to do the job quickly, affordably and safely make this task near impossible to do on a non-professional level.

Lumberjack Tree Service is here to take care of your chipping. Our trained professionals have been serving the greater Dallas and Ft. Worth area for over ten years and have the experience and equipment to get the job done right and quickly. You can be assured of the quality and professionalism of our team. But why should you consider this service and what options are available for you?

Why Chip Brush

After trees or branches have fallen, either by being cut or on their own, the big question is what to do with the debris. While some people may be able to cut it for fire wood, most people need to have it removed in one way or another. Having it hauled away can present logistical issues and can be quite costly compared to brush chipping. Cost isn’t the only benefit. Not only is it more economical than hauling, but it also lets you use the end product as compost or mulch, improving your landscape. Since the debris already needs to be removed in the first place, why not make use of it? Depending on how much is processed, there can be an abundance of mulch, meaning you can have plenty on hand to keep your yard looking sharp when it starts to fade.

Additionally, if you need the chipped brush to be hauled away, it can be done in a much easier and efficient way than just hauling fallen trees or branches. Having the wood already chipped means we can avoid driving on the yard more than is necessary and making sure we can save you time and money.

What About Municipal Brush Chipping?

While it’s true that some municipalities offer curbside chipping, there are major benefits to hiring our company. For starters, municipalities will only chip and won’t do any additional work. If you’re looking for an entire project, such as cutting and trimming, this obviously would be out of the question. Additionally, you would have to work around their schedules. This often means that they may come once or twice a season, which leads to you either having to rush the work or to have debris sitting on your property for a period of time. Finally, you need to bring the brush to the location of their choosing.

With Lumberjack Tree Service, we will work with you and for you. We come when you want us to and make a point to schedule when it is more convenient for our customers. Also, our equipment allows us to work over various terrain and locations, meaning we can work almost anywhere, not just curbside.

Working with large branches or trees can also present certain challenges, especially when there isn’t much area to work with. When thinking of all the possible issues that can arise, it can give peace of mind knowing that not only are the right equipment and people going to be used, but also that the whole operation will be done by a fully insured company as well.

When to Chip Brush

Obviously, whenever our team is cutting or trimming trees on your property, we recommend this service when appropriate. This allows us to finish an already professional job with an experienced clean-up. However, there are also other times it would be beneficial. For instance, property in more forested areas will, over time, accumulate fallen branches and trees. This can pose a problem for various reasons. For instance, this makes movement by foot or vehicles more difficult. Also, this can end up being a safe haven for unwanted animals or plants.

The Process of Brush Chipping

If this is done as part of additional services we are providing, the whole process will be started immediately after our other services have been finished. We will have the equipment on site and ready to go so that there will not be brush sitting on the property after we leave, needing to have an additional trip.

If this is done as a stand-alone service, we will need to coordinate with you to find where the best location will be and what it is exactly we will be chipping. If the chippings are being kept after the service, we can either leave it in a pile in a designated area or assist in the mulching itself. Some jobs we will be able to quote based on the size of the pile. In most cases, however, jobs will be charged by the hour.

Money Saving Tips

Many of our customers choose this as an add-on service, while others get brush chipping done as a stand-alone service. Since the jobs are done by the hour, there are a few things that can be done to have us in and out faster, saving you time and money. For instance, did you know that the location of the brush can save time? Having everything brought in one location can save time in collection. Also, keeping the pieces as large and solid as possible reduces the amount of time needed to process the brush.

What is the absolute best thing to do? Call us before you start your project. Our trained specialists can work with you to help you plan out the best course of action. That way, you can plan ahead and have everything ready to go.

At the end of the day we care about one thing most: that our customers are left with a smile on their face and a beautiful yard. We pride ourselves in over a decade of quality work and happy customers. Call us today to see how we can make your home look even more impressive with our brush cutting and other services.