Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

One of the staple chores of having a lawn in Dallas is hedge trimming. Although the results can be quite lovely, it’s also a very tedious job. As a result, many people may leave their hedges in disorder, do only the most basic trimming, or forgo having hedges altogether. If you find yourself in one of these situations, let our expert team in the Dallas and Ft. Worth area prune or trim your hedges, ensuring that your property appears well-kept and organized. But in making plans for this work consider the benefits to hedge trimming and why you should have the professionals at Lumberjack Tree Services do this for you.

Benefits of Having Hedges

Often times when people think of hedges, they might think of them being a luxury item or just a showy part of their lawn. While there are obviously some very ornate hedges out there, they can also serve a purpose. For instance, they can create fencing that is both attractive but also environmentally friendly. Instead of just having a wall separating your property, hedging adds a beautiful addition to your green space.
While it provides a barrier, it adds a natural look. If grown and cared for correctly, hedge fences can be just as effective as standard fences in protecting your property from unwanted animals, such as deer or dogs. Depending on the height, it can also serve as a privacy barrier to even the nosiest of neighbors.
Additionally, there is, of course, the aesthetic value to ornamental hedges. Nothing quite makes a statement like a sculpture that can be made by plants in your yard. Also, since it is a living, growing thing, the designs can be changed to fit your personality over time.
Why Care About Hedge Trimming
The benefits of having trees kept up can be quite obvious, such as safety concerns for falling branches or trucks. However, many of the concerns are the same with hedges. For example, if there are dead branches and limbs, a strong storm could send them flying and cause damages to people or property. Also, trimming the hedges can clear up walkways which will reduce the likelihood of tripping as well as make room for other plants to grow.
In regard to the health of the plant itself, trimming removes dead, dying or diseased portions of the plant which prevents further issues with the whole plant. If the hedges you have are grown also for their flowers, this will stimulate more growth and lead the hedge to dedicate more energy to the flower and new stems. The trimming also leads to improved sunlight and air circulation, making a healthier, more vibrant plan overall.

Types of Hedge Trimming

There are four major types of trimming to note. The first is fine pruning, which is for smaller branches and is mostly for the appearance of the hedge. Standard pruning is cutting of the weak branches for the purpose for improving the integrity of the plant. Hazard trimming is when there are safety concerns that are being addressed. Lastly, crown reduction trimming is done in the event of storm damage or if there is an acute problem with the hedges. Since they all serve a specific purpose, we will need to communicate with you beforehand to see what is most appropriate for the job.

Formal Hedge Trimming

This is where things get fun! Our trained, experienced team members will work with you to figure out exactly what it is you want and what is possible with the current size and condition of the hedges. Not sure exactly what you want for the design? That’s not a problem. You can always start with something simple, like spheres or cubes, and evolve the design over various visits. We can also help with assisting the growth to make natural progressions over time to really impress the neighbors with your hedges.

Why Use Lumberjack Tree Services

Trimming hedges is one of those tasks that are probably on the bottom of the list of things to do on your weekend. Often times the tools that a homeowner may use are inefficient and cause the already tedious task to be even worse. More than that, since they are usually infrequently used, the tools are often not kept up correctly and, consequentially, can damage the plant and lead to discoloration. Using a professional such as our experts, you can be sure to get modern, up-to-date equipment as well as experienced hands behind them.
As hedge trimming can be quite difficult, especially for the more advanced setups, not only would certain designs and upkeep be a major undertaking for a homeowner, it can be outright impossible. Since hedges can be a major part of the property as a whole, it would make sense to use the most qualified people to make the most of this asset.

Where to Start With Having Your Hedges Trimmed

Do you already have hedges on your property? Are you looking to add hedging or expand what you have? Give us a call. The most important thing you can do at this point is to not only have trained, experienced professionals do the work for you, but also have our trained, experienced staff help you plan the work before anything is done. We can send out a qualified planner to take inventory of what you have and what you would like to have.  This will allow you to be sure that you get exactly what you want and for us to make it as convenient and affordable as possible. Remember: we take just as much pride in your property as you do; it is a reflection of us both.

We pride ourselves in customers that are left with a smile on their face and a beautiful yard. We have over a decade of quality work that shows with happy customers. Call us today to see how we can make your home look even more impressive with our hedge trimming and additional property services.