Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of grinding the stump into mulch after the tree removal service has taken place. After all the work of planning, preparing, setting up and cutting down a tree, there can be an ugly reminder of what used to be there-a tree stump. While it’s true that stumps can be used and carved into benches or tables, the truth is that for most people, it is nothing but a nuisance. Seeing as they can often be quite thick and strong, is there really a point in trying to remove it? The answer is yes. Consider some of the reasons why people want their stumps gone.

Why Grind the Stump

Often times, having a large stump in the middle of a yard can be a major eye sore. In addition, it can limit your landscaping options in the future; always having to take that stump into account. For smaller stumps, there is a significant safety hazard. For instance, using a field to run or even just to walk can make the stump a tripping hazard at best or causing injuries at worst. Using mowing equipment can also be challenging as it would cause a danger to the blade. This would not only be damaging to the mower, but it could result to an injury to the operator as well.
Did you know that tree stumps can also harbor unwanted pests? It’s true. In nature, tree stumps provide a home for various bees and wasps, as well as termites, ants, and rodents. That might be great for the forest, but these are critters you don’t want near your home. If the stump is allowed to be in the yard for a period of time, it could encourage these pests to set up shop near the house itself. Especially with termites and carpenter ants. After these pests breed, the new queens will find the closest suitable location for a new nest, which might be your porch. Taking out the stump as soon as possible is not only a good aesthetic move, but it is an investment for the future of your home as well.
In addition to harboring pests, an old tree stump can be prone to rot and disease. This can spread to other areas of your landscape, causing problems. In contrast, if the stump is healthy it will grow many shoots, causing a need for constant attention and trimming. To avoid this extra work and trouble, professional stump removal is the best option.

Stump Grinding Issues

How exactly does one remove a stump in the first place? There are various issues that need to be addressed. When a homeowner is doing this difficult task, there is always the concern of having to buy equipment that will only be used once or having to risk personal injury or waste time in trying to do the job with improper tools and equipment. The fact of the matter is that stump removal techniques have come a long way since using saws, shovels, or even dynamite, and is best left to professionals.
Stump Grinding Considerations
When wanting to take the stump out, it’s important to remember a few things, safety being the primary concern. After that, efficiency is important, since this is a task that could take quite some time. If this is to be done by a professional, it would make sense to the customer that it can be done as quickly as possible so as to avoid unnecessary charges. Lastly, completeness must be taken into consideration. After all, the stump has roots under the surface that need to be removed as well or else there will be uneven turf to have to be fixed or even regrowth. Once this is done, what happens to the hole that the stump leaves? These are all things that a professional will address before they even arrive to an estimate. That is why grinding is the technique of choice for most professionals such as Lumberjack Tree Services in Texas. We find that not only is grinding a technique that makes the job easier for us, but it also serves the long term interest of the lawn itself.

The Stump Grinding Process

The very first thing to be done is to figure out the location of the stump and whether or not additional work is needed. For instance, is it too tall of a stump to just be ground or does additional cutting need to be done before the grinding begins? If it seems that additional work needs to be done, it is finished before the grinding is started. Once the grinding begins, our machinery quickly and safely removes the visible part of the stump and then goes underground to take out accessible parts of the roots.
What is left of the material becomes mulch. Just like with brush chippings, you can then decide to use the mulch around your lawn, in your compost pile, or have it taken away. A major difference with brush chipping and stump grinding now, is there is an additional option of using the mulch to fill the hole left behind. If you choose for us to fill the hole, we will make sure to do it in such a way that will balance out the lawn and improve its health.

Why Choose Lumberjack Tree Services

As mentioned earlier, the right equipment and experience can be the difference between a relatively quick, easy visit and a messy, dangerous, disaster. With over ten years of experience and modern well-kept equipment, we can make your tree stumps a distant memory in no time. Since we offer a number of other services for your property, this may be a great opportunity to do more than just get rid of that old stump. From hedge trimming to tree cutting and stump grinding, Lumberjack Tree Services can help you with all your tree needs.
Call us today to see how we can make your home look even more impressive with our stump grinding and additional services. We offer free estimates and we aren’t satisfied until you are satisfied.