Tree Planting

Tree Planting

Lumberjack Tree Service provides tree sales and tree planting as a primary service from October through April. We offer the widest selection of trees in the southwest and can save you the back-breaking trouble of planting and maintaining them. Our arborists are certified and can play matchmaker; helping you get the perfect trees to suit your wishes and your landscape. Before you get started, there are a few things you need to consider when planting new trees on your property.

Benefits of Tree Planting

There is a wealth of benefits you can see from adding new trees to your property, the most obvious, of course, being appearance. While grass is really all you need for a lawn, trees add a balance and complete the look. Remember: trees don’t just have leaves. Many species have striking, wonderful smelling flowers, as well as fruit. During the hot, dry spells, which is not uncommon in Texas, trees often end up being an oasis of color in a brown landscape due to their deep root systems getting moisture in comparison to grass or flowers.
Everyone knows that the air is fresher in the country compared to the cities, and that’s because of trees. As they grow, they absorb more and more carbon dioxide as well as contaminants from the air, releasing fresh oxygen. The more trees on your property, the easier you can breathe. Trees also fight erosion and help to mitigate flood damage. While smaller plants help to keep soil stable with their root system, the root system of a trees is much more robust and can hold more soil spread over a greater surface area.
Did you know that trees on your property can save or actually make you money?  Having healthy trees on the property, especially close to the house or other buildings, creates shade that reduces the need for air conditioning. Just like a person in a tree’s shade is cooler, so is a building. In addition, when buying property, there is a question of curb appeal. On average, homes with well kept, front facing trees have an increase of up to ten percent in their value.

Tree Selection

While the above benefits are exciting, the truth is, like most things in life, it’s not as simple as it appears. You can’t just put any tree on the property and expect to get benefits. It can be easy to fall into the trap of choosing a tree because of its beauty without looking at what the needs are or what the tree will look like when mature. Tree planting on your property is an investment and should be treated as such. This means you want to select the right tree for the purpose you are looking for and think about the future, as it may take years or even decades to reach maturity.
If you want to add shade to an area of your yard, you will need a tree that grows fast and has a nice large canopy at maturity. If you are looking for aesthetic appeal, then a dwarf tree that looks nice and doesn’t require much maintenance can be ideal. Fruit trees are nice to have, but not all cherry trees produce edible fruit. The same goes for various other fruit trees, which can be confusing to a property owner. Finally, some trees don’t grow well in our climate while others will thrive.
Choosing the right tree can be very tricky. Lumberjack Tree Service is more than happy to help you comb through our large selection for the perfect tree or trees for your tree planting. We have experience with what grows well in our hot climate here in Dallas, Tx and what can easily be maintained.

Smart Tree Planting

Not only is the type of tree an important decision, but where do you place it? Some trees can be a compliment to the existing landscape, while others need more caution. For instance, walnut trees are beautiful and provide nuts as well, but a compound in the tree can kill nearby plants and grasses. Do you know how large of a root ball your tree will have at maturity? Do you know if you can plant anything near it or if the root system is ‘hostile?’ Many people love willow trees but don’t realize how far their roots spread, how much initial care they need and how large of a mess they create. Will the tree need a lot of fertilizer, pruning or make a huge mess every fall? These are all considerations you need to factor into where you plant your tree and what you choose to plant. Our arborists have the experience and knowledge to help you decide which trees will be right in which parts of your yard.

Placement and Design of Your Newly Installed Tree

We want to make sure that your new tree will not only be healthy and beautiful, but that it also fits into your vision for the property. Planting multiple trees in an area can give the feel of a mini forest; an oasis in your yard. Perhaps a single tree is more your liking. While a tree can be placed by itself, it can also be accompanied with mulching or additional nearby plants and flowers. Just like with any other part of the property, these sort of things require planning, especially with the fact that the tree you plant may even outlive you!

Why Use Lumberjack Tree Services

We cannot emphasis enough the fact that a tree is not flower and planting one is a long term investment. It is crucial to have a trained, experienced professional to help you from the beginning planning stages to, planting and beyond. Don’t go at selecting and planting your trees blind, work with a team that has proven results and testimonials so you get the landscape you deserve. Call our offices today and set up a time for your consultation