Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

One of the best things you can do to maintain the health of your trees is to maintain a proper tree pruning schedule. There are many advantages to having your trees well cared for and the right professional tree services can improve the overall health of your trees, improve your landscaping and add value to your home. This isn’t t all tree trimming can do though. Consider a few of the other reasons you should ask Lumberjack Tree Services about pruning your trees.

When To Prune Your Trees

There are many different reasons you will need to prune your trees, from general maintenance to emergency pruning, a professional team can help you manage the task. Lumberjack Tree Services has been operating for over a 20 years. We maintain the most advanced equipment and keep up on the latest practices.
One of the first things you need to consider is when to trim your trees. If you are working to maintain their health, improve fruit yield or improve general appearance, then you should prune at certain times of the year. It is best done in winter before the sap has started to run or toward the end of summer. This is when the sap isn’t running as fast, the tree isn’t gearing up for the growing season and damage is less likely to happen. Fall is the worst time to prune your trees because it is warm and moist in most areas, this can cause a fungal growth and larger problems. One reason to use professionals, like our team of expert staff, is to insure you are pruning your tree at the optimal time for the results you are looking for.
When the tree is pruned will often depend on the desired results needed as much as weather. If you are looking for a sizable bloom of growth in the spring, then winter trimming is excellent. If you have a tree that isn’t growing in the manner you would hoped, or isn’t producing as you would like, then it is best to do a summer pruning. This makes it easier to see which branches need correction and can also dwarf the growth some. Instead of diverting the energy to leaves and outer limbs the tree will divert it to the root system.
For fruit trees, it is essential to have a professional arborist out to evaluate the tree in the spring and even again in the fall. They can offer advice on the best way to prune and on any feeding or treatments the tree may need. Our team at Lumberjack Tree Services takes pride in helping our clients develop their hobby orchards, professional orchards, landscapes and more. We keep up on current practices and offer experienced tips to help you get the results you need.

Why Should You Prune Your Trees

Just as important as when to prune is why you should have your trees pruned by an experienced arborist. When it comes to trimming away branches on a tree, there are many reasons to have it done. Consider the following as a sampling of why trees need to be pruned.

Tree Health

One of the biggest reasons to trim your trees is to maintain their health. Dead limbs can attract disease and pests which will harm the integrity of the entire tree. To maintain a proper, healthy tree, regular pruning is essential. Our team at Lumberjack Tree Service can answer any questions you have and address any problems your trees may be having. Please call and set up an appointment with our friendly team for an estimate.
Many diseases that trees can get are treated by trimming away dead or diseased limbs. This is best done by professionals to keep the disease from spreading to the health parts of the tree. In addition, an experienced arborist can help you treat the tree and save as many of the branches as possible.

Tree Trimming Keeps Up Home Values

Perhaps one of the most over looked reasons to prune your trees is for the general aesthetics of your landscape. Old, dying branches detract from the rest of a well maintained yard and pruning can resolve this. Moreover, shaping your trees can help the overall design of your landscape, even increasing your home value. Finally, proper pruning will help your tree grow well and look more vibrant.
One of the most important reasons to call on Lumberjack Tree Service is to keep your yard safe. Large, old trees often have branches that can fall off from a stiff breeze. These limbs can find their way through roofs, on top of cars and barns, or even crushing a person. You may think your tree is just fine but to a trained eye there could be a dozen branches that need tending before they become hazardous.
A Note for Those Who DIY
While tree pruning can seem like an easy task to accomplish, it isn’t often recommended for the hobbyist. If you have a young tree, then simple trimming may seem like it couldn’t cause any problems. The fact is, even young trees need an expert eye to help shape their growth in the best way possible.
With large trees that have branches that need to be removed, professional arborists are your best bet. The Lumberjack Tree Service team is capable of removing even the largest dead limbs without damage to you or your home. We are licensed, bonded and insured to provide you the highest quality professional work. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to insure the client is satisfied.