Tree Removal

Tree Removal

There comes a time when most homeowners need to decide on tree removal services. This can be because the tree has died, the root system is causing trouble with the landscape or because something is being built and the tree needs to go. Whatever the reason, most people will easily agree that tree removal is not a DIY project. Lumberjack Tree Service has been providing DFW and the surrounding areas with expert tree removal and services for more than the last decade. Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking of having a tree removed.

When is Tree Removal Necessary

You may find yourself looking at a tree and wondering if it’s alive. Many times a tree can look healthy when in fact it is quite rotten or hollow. If you aren’t sure, a professional can help you make the call. There are a few considerations that go into deciding if it’s time to get rid of a tree. When you have a large, dead tree in your yard, it’s pretty easy to see that you need to remove it before it falls. Doing so yourself can damage your property or worse. When you have a dead tree, whether it’s close to a structure or not, it’s best to contact the experts and get it removed as quickly as possible. If not, it can be brought down in severe weather, causing property damage or injury. Don’t wait for an emergency, call Lumberjack Tree Services and get an estimate before a problem occurs.
There are some trees that can make a healthy landscape nearly impossible to achieve. Many types of walnut trees for instance, release secret toxins into the soil at their root base causing extreme difficulty in getting anything to grow near them. Other trees can have a root structure that damages pipes, building foundations or causes other problems in the property. Perhaps your problem isn’t as sever, but you need more sun in your yard for landscaping or recreational reasons. If that is the case, our team can help you get the tree removed as well as grind the stump. Our expert staff can provide clean-up, chipping, stump grinding, planting new trees and many other services to help you get the yard of your dreams.

Emergency Services

It’s a good idea not to wait until the old tree in your yard falls from a storm before calling professional services. If your tree has been struck by lightning, taken down by extreme winds or otherwise fallen and you need it removed immediately, it can come at a higher premium. When appropriately planned, removing a tree is organized with property safety and personal injury considered the utmost of importance. Our experts have years of experience providing emergency tree removal services. We can offer advice on whether your tree can wait or needs to be removed quickly and what your options are during the process. In addition, we can counsel you on what to do with the tree once removed. Some of your options can include cutting it up into firewood or chipping it into mulch for further landscaping.

Reasons To Choose Professionals for Tree Removal

There are many projects you can do around your house on your own, however tree removal shouldn’t be one of these projects. One reason is the equipment needed for the job takes training and a skill-set to use. Most people don’t own the appropriate tools for tree removal on hand and they can be incredibly expensive to buy, often costing more than getting the tree removed professionally. It can be incredibly dangerous to attempt to remove a tree on your own, they do not always fall the way you hope. They can take down other trees, wires or buildings on their way down, causing damage or injury.

Safely Removing Trees

Lumberjack Tree Service is licensed, bonded and insured. What this means for you is that we have completed training to acquire the skills necessary to safely prune, remove and treat trees, along with so much more. It’s important to know it is illegal to operate a tree-removal service if you are unlicensed. We are bonded and insured to protect against any accidents and liabilities. In addition to training and experience, we have the proper credentials to have you covered.

The Cost of Tree Removal

You may hear people advise you to take a crack at tree removal on your own so you can save money. This rarely works out as the homeowner would like and we are often called in to help after an accident has happened or the homeowner can’t finish the project. Renting the equipment, getting the tree down and cleaning up can cost you a great deal in both time and money. Our arborists have the experience, equipment and know how to make even the largest projects doable and cost-effective. Hiring experts will save you time, money and can protect you and your home from possible damage. You can also save time by getting the project done the right way the first time.

Experience With Tree Removal

In addition to being able to remove your tree safely and properly, our arborists are able to offer you their experience and wisdom. If you want our company to clear away the entire mess, we will. We can provide advice on how to dispose of the wood if you choose not to use our services. In addition, we can help you with the landscaping after the tree is removed. Whether you are looking for a fresh planting or if you would like to build in the area, Lumberjack Tree Service can help you get everything together for the next step.
We offer one of the largest selection of trees in the southwest and can help you make the right selections when it comes to replacing a tree. We can provide care tips and guide you toward the right tree for your landscape and needs.

Call Lumberjack Tree Services today to set up a time for an estimate. We are eager to help you get that tree removed before it becomes an emergency.